Election 2020

May 6, 2020

Dear CCS families, staff and community members: 

On behalf of Caledonia Community Schools, we want to thank our community for their overwhelming support of the operating millage and school bond proposal yesterday. 

Because of you we will be able to build upon our tradition of excellence at Caledonia Community Schools! 

The proposal to restore the operating millage passed with more than 70% approval, and the bond proposal passed with more than 59% voter support. Read MLive’s coverage of the election night results.

The operating millage renewal, which levies 18 mills on non-homestead properties, supports day-to-day operations from teachers to utilities to keeping our schools safe and dry for our children. Passage of the operating millage allows CCS to avoid an estimated $10.2 million loss in revenue each year, as well as drastic cuts to programs and services for our students.

CCS’s bond proposal will allow us to invest in much-needed security and safety enhancements and repairs to update aging buildings so our kids can learn in a safe environment, which is always our number one priority. The bond proposal will also help provide technology upgrades that complement our strong career and technical education programs which prepare students for college and careers.

Along with safety and technology enhancements, the bond will help replace the 64-year-old Dutton Elementary with a neighborhood school in a new location that is better suited for elementary students and families. The location of the new school is not yet finalized; we look forward to working with the community to find the best location that suits students and families.

Finally, the passing of the bond allows us to create a new community center with a swimming pool and multi-use gymnasium. The center will bring students, families and seniors together and encourage healthy lifestyles and ongoing learning. This community center will benefit students, families and seniors and be a true asset for our entire community. 

CCS has a proven track record of success inside and outside of the classroom. The passage of both of these proposals allow us to continue our proud tradition of excellence and keep Caledonia an attractive place to raise a family. Look for more information over the coming weeks and months as we begin the process of structuring the work of the bond and engaging input from key staff and community members along the way.

While there are many challenges ahead, there is truly a bright future for our kids and community thanks to your continued support of Caledonia Community Schools. On behalf of all of us, THANK YOU in helping us with our quest of Cultivating Agile Learners!

Dr. Dedrick Martin 
Superintendent, Caledonia Community Schools

Dear Caledonia Community,

CCS is happy to share a copy of a press release regarding our MOU agreement between CCS and the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids. This press release can be found below. You can find answers to frequently asked questions and more regarding the May 5 school bond proposal and operational millage at this site.

Press Release - CCS & YMCA Memorandum of Understanding

CCS for Success - A Destination District - Powerpoint Message

A letter from the Superintendent

Dear Caledonia School Community,

The Caledonia Community has come together in extraordinary ways over the past few weeks and we thank you for doing your part to reach out to each other, care for each other and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Like you, Caledonia Community Schools is committed to helping our community during this unprecedented pandemic by providing food and meal pickup to over 1,000 students and families, continuing our students’ education through online enrichment and other at-home options and taking the necessary steps to keep our staff safe and healthy. CCS will continue to be a vital community resource as we work together to fight this virus from spreading and support our kids, families and community members experiencing hardship as it goes on. We are all in this together!

I think we can all agree that our world has fundamentally changed, and yet we have to keep going and preparing for the future. I am confident our community and nation will emerge from this challenge stronger and more united than ever. In that spirit, I wanted to let you know there will be two important proposals on the upcoming May 5, 2020 ballot: an operating millage renewal and a school bond proposal. Neither proposal involves a tax increase. The operating millage is a renewal. The bond proposal simply extends the debt to repair roofs and HVAC systems and add long-overdue safety equipment like cameras to our schools.

These two proposals were approved by our school board and placed on the ballot long before we knew the full impact the coronavirus pandemic would have on our schools, our families and our community. While the timing is not ideal, we believe these proposals are critical for the education, public health and success of our students and community moving forward. While it may seem hard to imagine, there will be a time when our kids will be back in the classroom, when we’ll be cheering together from the stands for our Fighting Scots and when we’ll fill our performance hall to listen to our award-winning school orchestra. We hope you will take time to learn more about these proposals and what they mean for the future of our schools and community.


Dr. Dedrick Martin
Caledonia Community Schools

“The COVID-19 public health crisis has changed our world and caused disruption for our community, families and kids. While all of us are focused on the crisis at hand, we need to plan for the future for our kids. They’re counting on us.” — Dr. Dedrick Martin, Superintendent

1. What you need to know about the school bond proposal:

✓A fiscally responsible proposal that will allow Caledonia Community Schools to repair and invest in our schools and facilities without increasing existing property taxes.

✓ A 30-year bond that would generate approximately $88,099,000 to replace aging roofs, update HVAC systems and make other improvements to enhance school security and school safety.

✓If passed, every dollar spent will be tracked and available on a public website to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

2. What you need to know about the operating millage renewal proposal:

✓The non-homestead renewal only applies to rental properties, business properties and vacation homes – homeowner and agricultural property taxes will not be impacted.

✓A five-year millage renewal of the current 18 mills will support day-to-day operations, like teachers, support staff and school counselors.

✓Without the operating millage renewal, the school district would experience an estimated $10.2 million loss in revenue each year and require significant cuts to programs and services for our students.

“The COVID-19 public health crisis has changed our world and caused disruption for our community, families and kids. While all of us are focused on the crisis at hand, we need to plan for the future for our kids. They’re counting on us.” — Dr. Dedrick Martin, Superintendent