Bond 2020

Bond 2020

In May 2020, Caledonia Voters passed an $88 million bond that helped us invest in much needed security and safety enhancements and repairs to update aging buildings so our students can learn in a safe environment.

This 2020 bond page has been set up to deliver the CCS promise of transparency of all bond funds to our community.  All bond presentations are linked below to give our community full access to Bond 2020 information presented to the CCS Board of Education.  We will continue to post future presentations that relate to the 2020 bond below.

Informational Bond Sheets

PDF DocumentBond 2020 Cost Overview (Bond 2020 Spending through 12/31/22)
PDF DocumentBond 2020 Cost Overview (Anticipated Future Project Spending)
PDF DocumentBond 2020 Debt/Millage Rate Comparison

New playground elements are coming to Caledonia and Emmons Lake Elementary Schools.

As part of the 2020 bond program we have worked with our Principals and vendors to design, order, and (this fall) install new elements to these playgrounds.  These new areas will replace playground elements that are older and they will have a different safety surface instead of woodchips.

PDF DocumentCaledonia Elementary - DRAFT

PDF DocumentEmmons Lake Elementary - DRAFT

We're looking forward to some additions and changes at Kettle Lake Elementary in 2024.

Following the October 2022 directions of the Board of Education, the district has proceeded with completing items under the 15 headings of the 2020 bond program.

Mr Wills of Plante-Moran CRESA and MR Hess of Caledonia Community Schools presented the reports attached below.

PDF Document2020 bond funds remaining update report
PDF DocumentPMC Bond program presentation
PDF DocumentPMC Bond Program - Dashboard Report (March 2023)

A concerned citizen brought to our attention that PFAS containing compounds have been used in the manufacturing processes and components of synthetic turf.  The concerns raised were based on the presumption that PFAS would leach from the synthetic turf into our community groundwater.

Our improvements to the district football stadium include the strongly community supported installation of a synthetic turf field.  The district also owns, and will need to eventually replace, the synthetic turf field at the Scotland Yard soccer stadium.

The vendor we have selected for the supply and installation of the turf at the stadium is AstroTurf.  As a company, they have elected to test for and eliminate the use of PFAS compounds in their manufacturing process and in their component supply chain.

The letter below and copy of the AstroTurf PFAS statement were sent to the agencies listed on the letter as suggested by the concerned citizen.

PDF DocumentLetter to local agencies
PDF DocumentStatement from AstroTurf

An update on Technology projects completed and underway for the 2020 Bond program was reported to the Board of Education on Tuesday February 21, 2023

PDF DocumentThe presentation can be viewed with this link.

Please find this update given at the Board of Education Meeting on February 21 about the Turf for the Football Field.

At the regular Board of Education meeting of January 16, 2022, Operations presented a status update of projects that are within the scope of the 2020 Bond.

Supplemental Bond Discussion

The CCS Board of Education met to discuss a supplemental bond on November 9, 2022.  There was consensus to move forward to meet with the Michigan Department of Treasury.  Once the process with the treasury has been completed, the district will begin communicating with the community about the supplemental bond as more information becomes available.  

PDF DocumentSpecial Board Meeting - Supplemental Bond Presentation - November 9, 2022
External LinkSpecial Board Meeting Recording - November 9, 2022 (Coming soon)
PDF DocumentOne Page Bond Update - November 11, 2022

Bond 2020 Update

The CCS Board of Education held a special meeting last night to finalize a decision about how the District will move forward with the 2020 Bond.  Economic pressures in construction costs have pushed the price of planned bond projects significantly higher than anyone could have ever anticipated. With cost projections greatly exceeding the amount of money we have remaining in the bond, proceeding as originally planned would have required us to use general operating funds, significantly reducing our fund balance and placing the overall district operations at risk of severe reductions.   

To help summarize the direction we are heading moving forward, we have put together a one-page summary document to highlight the details of their decision to finish the remaining projects on the list and move forward with BONDING for a NEW Dutton Elementary. While we still have a lot of work to do to make this happen, we are confident that our board made a decision that is beneficial to all students and staff of Caledonia. We are committed to making every effort to share with our community the importance of upgrading all facilities in Caledonia, and providing the families and staff at Dutton Elementary with a facility that meets all their needs, now and for the foreseeable future.

A copy of the October 11th presentation can be found on our website, as well as a recording of the entire meeting.  For information, questions, or inquiries regarding the Caledonia Schools 2020 Bond program, please visit our website or email us at

We are very thankful for the time and commitment our board of education put in to make this tough decision. We know they did not enter into this lightly, but are thankful for the direction they have given us to proceed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Caledonia Community Schools Bond Program

Google Doc2020 Bond FAQ's - includes updates from town hall discussions


May 6, 2020

Dear CCS families, staff and community members: 

On behalf of Caledonia Community Schools, we want to thank our community for their overwhelming support of the operating millage and school bond proposal yesterday. 

Because of you we will be able to build upon our tradition of excellence at Caledonia Community Schools! 

The proposal to restore the operating millage passed with more than 70% approval, and the bond proposal passed with more than 59% voter support. Read MLive’s coverage of the election night results.

The operating millage renewal, which levies 18 mills on non-homestead properties, supports day-to-day operations from teachers to utilities to keeping our schools safe and dry for our children. Passage of the operating millage allows CCS to avoid an estimated $10.2 million loss in revenue each year, as well as drastic cuts to programs and services for our students.

CCS’s bond proposal will allow us to invest in much-needed security and safety enhancements and repairs to update aging buildings so our kids can learn in a safe environment, which is always our number one priority. The bond proposal will also help provide technology upgrades that complement our strong career and technical education programs which prepare students for college and careers.

Along with safety and technology enhancements, the bond will help replace the 64-year-old Dutton Elementary with a neighborhood school in a new location that is better suited for elementary students and families. The location of the new school is not yet finalized; we look forward to working with the community to find the best location that suits students and families.

Finally, the passing of the bond allows us to create a new community center with a swimming pool and multi-use gymnasium. The center will bring students, families and seniors together and encourage healthy lifestyles and ongoing learning. This community center will benefit students, families and seniors and be a true asset for our entire community. 

CCS has a proven track record of success inside and outside of the classroom. The passage of both of these proposals allow us to continue our proud tradition of excellence and keep Caledonia an attractive place to raise a family. Look for more information over the coming weeks and months as we begin the process of structuring the work of the bond and engaging input from key staff and community members along the way.

While there are many challenges ahead, there is truly a bright future for our kids and community thanks to your continued support of Caledonia Community Schools. On behalf of all of us, THANK YOU in helping us with our quest of Cultivating Agile Learners!

Dr. Dedrick Martin 
Superintendent, Caledonia Community Schools

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