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Congratulations to our FOUR teams that qualified for the VEX IQ and VEX EDR World Championship!! 

Caledonia Robotics' VEX IQ team the "CobbleCats" advanced after taking 1st place at the State event and securing the Teamwork Champion Award!  

Caledonia Robotics' VEX IQ team the "Hamters" advanced receiving the Teamwork 4th Place Award at the State event! 

Caledonia Robotics' VEX IQ team the "45ers" advanced after securing the 16th highest Skills Score in the State!  

Caledonia Robotics' Middle School VEX team the "Lord of the Disks"  advanced by being named a Tournament Semifinalist at the State Championship! 

3 Teams Committed - Let the Fundraising Begin! 

The three teams below have committed to attend the event -- MS VEX's Lord of the Disks and VEX IQ's CobbleCats and Hamters will be traveling to Dallas in April! 

All teams are busy fundraising, knowing it will take the help of our community to cover the estimated $21,600 in registration, flights, lodging and meals that will be required of the teams.  


MS VEX - Lord of the Disks

Lord of the Disks Flyer

Team: #97896B

Team Members: Daniel Donaldson, Grant Feldpausch, Zack Keson amd Gavin Van Meter

Awards: Lord of the Disks advanced by being named a TOURNAMENT SEMIFINALIST at the State Championship where they secured the 2nd highest Skills Score in the State! They also won the JUDGES AWARD at Plainwell's MS Only Tournament in November. 

About the team: This amazing team has been involved in robotics for 4 years now and they love driving/programming Robot 97896B "Lord of the Disks". Gavin, Daniel, and Zack are the robot Mechanical Builders and Drivers, and Grant is the Programmer and Driver. This team is heavily involved in the community activities and sports from basketball, tennis, cross country, Scuba, and flying drones and airplanes. They are excitedly looking forward to the opportunity to represent Caledonia at the World Competition this year!


VEX IQ - CobbleCats

CobbleCats Team Flyer

Team: #63165C

Team Members: Matthew Bode, James Harper, Anthony Trusevich, Dawson VandenToorn and Edmund Van Meter

Awards: The CobbleCats advanced to Worlds after taking 1st place at the State event and securing the TEAMWORK CHAMPION AWARD! They also took home the ROBOT SKILLS CHAMPION AWARD and THINK AWARD at the event. They qualified for States by receiving the EXCELLENCE AWARD, the TEAMWORK CHAMPION AWARD and the ROBOT SKILLS CHAMPION AWARD at Jenison's League Championship in November, followed by the TEAMWORK CHAMPION AWARD and the ROBOT SKILLS CHAMPION AWARD at the Grand Ledge Tournament in December! 

About the team: This team has been together for three years with Matthew's 3rd year in robotics, loves to program and all things Pokemon. J is new to robotics this year but has loved to enjoy learning driving and mechanics. J also plays baseball in the spring and hunts in the fall. Anton loves to program and build and this is Anton's first year on the team. He loves to race cars, drive RC Cars, and build electronics. Edmund loves to drive and build the robot with 3 years now in robotics. Edmund loves to sail, Scuba, play tennis, and run cross country. Dawson is in his 4th year participating in Robotics, he enjoys building the robot and problem solving but driving is his favorite part. Dawson plays guitar and loves skiing, hunting, and dirt biking.


VEX IQ - Hamters

The Hamters Fundraising Flyer

Team: #63165B

Team Members: William Angus, Garrett Hawkins, Owen Hayden, Bradley KesonMason Pittman, Charlie Schmidt

Awards: The Hamters advanced to Worlds after securing the TEAMWORK 4TH PLACE AWARD at States! They qualified for States by taking 1st place at the Grandville League in November, earning them the TEAMWORK CHAMPION AWARD! They also took home the ROBOT SKILLS 2ND PLACE AWARD at the event, and followed that up with the TEAMWORK 3RD PLACE AWARD at Grandville's New Year Tournament in January! 

About the team: The Hamters are a group of six 5th grade boys, of whom only half had competed in robotics the year before. They were all friends first and decided to come together as a team. The name "Hamter" was chosen after a Meme the boys thought was very funny. The best part of the name has been listening to the announcers at the tournaments ask if the name was misspelled and most importantly - what does it mean! (No one above the age of 12 knows!) As for the robot, the boys divided the work evenly amongst themselves, all contributing to the overall design and build. Programming for the autonomous mode was completed by four of the team members who had the strongest knowledge of the computer program. Every team member had an opportunity to drive the robot during each tournament making their achievements even more meaningful. The team then voted on the two members who would compete in the final match. Outside of Robotics the team members are very active with sports, including baseball, football, wrestling, basketball, and lacrosse. They love hanging out together playing Nerf wars and video games.

How To Donate?

Mail your donation to:

Caledonia EnrichED
PO BOX 194
Caledonia, MI 49316

Donate Online

Donate via Paypal by clicking the button below, or follow the link here. You'll have the opportunity to select whether you want to support the entire program, or donate to a specific team. 


Thank you for your generous support of the quest to 2023 Worlds!

  • Anna Marie Schneider
  • Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP
  • Barbara Hershberger
  • Becky Fitzgerald
  • Big O Smoke House
  • Brown's Funeral Home
  • Caledonia Community (via fundraisers)! 
  • Caledonia Community Schools
  • Caledonia Farmers Elevator
  • Caledonia Vision
  • Chris Booth
  • Comodo Motors
  • CSM Group
  • Culvers
  • Danaher Donation
  • David Ray
  • Devin Smith
  • Emily Caldwell
  • Emily Plaggemeyer
  • FCC Construction
  • Fox Chevrolet
  • Frontier Heating & Cooling
  • Grandville Robotics via Rosemary Hepfer
  • Gunjan Gholkar
  • Hannapel Pellillo Orthodontics
  • Hazel Baker
  • Heather Angus
  • Jerry Angus
  • Jill Arehart
  • Kathy and Archie Warner
  • Kiwanis Club of Caledonia
  • Kristin Collins
  • Larry Baker
  • Mark and Sara McCullough
  • Melinda Meyer
  • Mullers Paint & Design Co.
  • Nicholas Rousch
  • Patricia Angus
  • Patricia Westover
  • Patrick Waite
  • Renard Johnson
  • Resolute Air Company
  • Rex and Beth Andringa
  • Robin Diaz
  • Sandra Glenn
  • Schnipke Family
  • Somer McBride
  • South Kent Veterinary Hospital
  • Thomas Langworthy
  • Tonya Heaton
  • Track & Fast Delivery
  • United Bank
  • UMHW Heart and Vascular Department
  • Whitby Enterprise
  • X-Rite

2022 Worlds Documentary

Two Caledonia Robotics teams attended the 2022 World Championship; 1 VEX IQ team -- VEX Luthor, and 1 MS VEX team -- Legend of the 4 Rings, who made this incredible documentary showcasing their time in Dallas! 

2022 VEX Worlds Thank You


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