What Will Your Child Learn At School?

The Michigan Department of Education has established standards and benchmarks that all school districts must follow.  School districts are given the flexibility to choose their own textbooks, resources, materials, and methods, but all schools must teach the State Standards. These standards and benchmarks can be found within the Michigan Merit Curriculum and are assessed through the MSTEP and SAT tests.   Caledonia Community Schools meets these State Standard requirements by following our district curriculum which is correlated with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

K-12 English Language Arts Standards

K-12 Math Standards

K-12 Science Standards

K-12 Social Studies Standards

Arts Standards

Physical Education Standards


Link to Caledonia Community Schools Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Schedule change requests can be made via the Schedule Change Request Form.

Schedule changes will only be made if you:
1. Have a duplicate class in the same semester
2. Have not met the prerequisites of a class
3. Need a class for graduation
4. Have an open spot in your schedule (missing a class)